Brick Township Education Association

Together is better.


The BTEA gives back to the community through the PRIDE program in conjunction with PTOs and PTAs.  BTEA members can apply for PRIDE funds.

PRIDE GUIDELINES for projects:

(1) Events for 2023-2024 school year:

     (a) Deadline is February.

     (b) Send information via interoffice mail to Tim Puglisi at Lake Riviera Middle School.

(2) Proposal Must Include:

     (a) Name and date of event

     (b) Number of adults attending

     (c) How you are going to show the BTEA is funding the event

     (d) Amount of money requested; and what it is for (food, decorations, etc.)

(3) Approval takes 4-6 weeks

     (a) When all ORIGINAL RECEIPTS are handed in, a check will be made out to your group or vendor

     (b) Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club receipts will not be accepted.


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