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Please read the e-mail sent to our President, Tim Puglisi, from UniServ regarding SGPs.
Dear Presidents,
Please distribute the following information to your members:
In a broadcast memo this morning, the NJDOE advised chief school administrators that the mSGP scores for the 2015-2016 school year have now been released.
It is important to understand that:
·         administrators must access, verify, and share mSGP scores with qualifying educators. This must be done prior to using the mSGP to finalize the 2015-2016 evaluation ratings.
·         mSGP scores account for only 10% of a teacher’s summative rating for 2015-2016.
o   In 2016-2017, this percentage increases to 30%
·         In early January 2017, districts will certify the component scores and summative evaluation ratings for all staff members. If you note any discrepancies or challenges with summative scores for 2015-2016, these should be resolved before the school districts certify summative scores.
As noted in our previous NJDOE Broadcast update, the NJDOE is recommending that principals meet with individual teachers to report individual scores and also to review their class rosters.  In the past, it has been a challenge to get all school districts to abide by this recommendation and we continue to get reports from teachers about a lack of transparency in their mSGP scores.  The language around this recommendation is included below:
d. Principals then meet with individual teachers to discuss mSGP scores either at an observation post-conference or at a separately scheduled time. The NJDOE recommends notifying teachers in advance that you will be using this conference to distribute their 2015-16 mSGP scores, so that teachers are able to come prepared with relevant course roster data. At this time, principals may gather pertinent information from teachers to ensure that the district course roster information used to calculate their mSGP score is accurate.
If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us.
Mary Novotny – Jennifer Raike
UniServ Field Representatives


Teacher Evaluation Resource Guide (pdf)

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